Insights for (and from) a new mom

I’m nearly nine months into motherhood. Very soon, my baby will have spent more time on the outside than inside.

There’s been lots of learning in that time – his and mine. But while he’s shoving shoes in his mouth and rolling around in his sleep, I’m still reeling from several sleep-deprived, hormonal, hazy months. This time has been as delightful as it’s been difficult …

As my journey through motherhood continues, I’m going to be writing about my anecdotes, epiphanies, insights and inspirations. For now, I’ll share a few things I’ve learnt so far:

  1. There are many ways to do this parenting thing. Read the books and online articles, listen to all the advice – and then do what feels right to you.
  2. You’re allowed to change your mind. Maybe you researched something thoroughly and chose a route that made sense and seemed sound, but then when you tried it, it didn’t work for you and/or your baby. Good parenting is about flexibility. Have the courage to try things differently if you have to.
  3. You don’t have to love every minute. Babies are like cakes – they’re sweet and everyone loves them, but if you’ve been eating cake non-stop, you will want a break. That’s okay.
  4. Don’t compare your baby to others. Every child is different. Rather, compare him/her to himself/herself a week ago, a month ago …
  5. There are no shortcuts. Whether you’re putting your baby to sleep or feeding your baby or trying to leave the house with a newborn, trying to speed things up is often futile, if not disastrous. It takes as long as it takes.
  6. Babies are not robots. They have good days and bad days, just like the rest of us. If every day is different, your baby isn’t impossible. Your baby is – surprise! – human.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about parenthood, it’s that the lessons keep coming. I look forward to navigating this often-overwhelming labyrinth, one step at a time, with you.

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